• Digital,Design and Development Fair
  • 27-29 September, 2017   Hamburg Germany




1、Germany is the most important place for the manufacturers and dealers from the world to gather and show their new products and technologies, and it is also the place for the E-products buyers, wholesale dealers and vendors to understand and buy the products which they need. 
2、As a city who has more than 400 Chinese companies in it, Hamburg has become the most important place for the Chinese enterprises, there are also about 900 companies which has business relationships with China, for North Europe, Middle Europe and East Europe, Hamburg is also an important traffic hub to connect with China, Hamburg is also the transfer and distribution center for products to be sent to the new EU Members, Russia, West Europe and South Europe, about one third containers in Hamburg is from China.

3、 China has the closest trade relations with Germany: China and Germany had started their diplomatic relationship for more than 40 years. During this time, the total amount of the trading between the two countries had reached to 161.6 billion dollars, 600 times than before. The proportion of high valued products in the auto, air, communication, and construction fields has increased, as well as the trading in the machining and designing, and financial service. Under the general tendency that the trading between China and Europe is dropping, the cooperation between China and Germany is still better than other countries regarding the quality and the level.  

4、The cooperation between China and Germany is leading the cooperation between China and Europe: ” The China-Germany cooperation is a process in which our two economic miracle creators work hand in hand and make progress together” The German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article by Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of his state visit to Germany in 2014,

5、The new announcement of the China-German cooperation: China always have a kind attitude toward Germany—a country which is the leader of European integration and a powerful economic country in the center of Europe. In May, 2013, Premier Li Keqiang visited the four countries in both Asia and Europe after he’s in office, he took Germany as the only country in his list out of all the European countries, and claimed the need to deepen the cooperation between China and Germany and China and Europe by taking advantage of the “New Four Modernizations.”
6、China has become the third biggest importers to Germany, the total amount of China German trading takes almost one third of the total Sino-EU trading, equal to the total amount of trading between China, Britain, Italy and France.
7、China is the third biggest trading partner to Germany, as well as the second biggest importer, and Germany is also China’s biggest business partner in Europe and the source of foreign invest and technology. 

8、 According to the latest statistics from Statistisches Bundesamt. In 2014, the total trading amount of two countries had reached to 153.8 billion euros, increased by 8.8%, the highest in the history. Among it, Germany exported about 74.5 billion euros to China and imported 79.3 billion euros from China, respectively increased by 11.3% and 6.4%.